Day Four Update – IDKR

Chris and I have been making some serious progress, but have held back posting an update video as most things were happening behind the scenes and wouldn’t have been that interesting.
First big change….we have a name. IDKR. Simple, easy and means something to us, but likely nobody else.

This project so far has been an amazing experience for me. In a very short period of time Chris has been able to help me get up to speed on all the nuances of Unity, and starting to get a base handle on some C#. At the beginning I did feel somewhat overwhelmed and cautious to dive into the code and start creating things, but at this point Chris has his areas and with less and less guidance I’m able to focus on my side of the project. It’s been a blast so far.

The original goal was a 1 week project. We’re looking at a 2 week deadline to launch now. Even a basic game we just wouldn’t be able to release something decent within a week, and instead of forcing and rushing, we are going to enjoy it and do something we are proud of.

The basic premise is there is a devastatingly large bullet being fired towards your Kingdom, and you are racing to outpace it to warn your fellow citizens. Enemies slow you down, and if the bullet passes you or hits you, game over man.

Here is our latest progress video.

He fell down

For the programming challenge Chris and myself started, we are making an endless runner with mario like aspects. Because we have limited time we’ve selected Kenny’s art assets as our graphical base and have started the coding.

Earlier today we had our little guy up and about. Running and jumping like he should. Chris is ironing out some of the physics and movement code while I’m currently working on some of the art to supplement Kenny’s and trying to find a decent song for the project. Even with an extended grocery run I think we’ve made some decent progress today.

A quick and fun clip of our first bug:

Unity Challenge!

577713_76015990What sort of game can a fledgling development company release within a week of development? Lets find out!

Chris and I have decided to start a small, yet fun little project together. He’s already quite proficient at Unity, while I’ve been working in Gamemaker: Studio and would consider myself very amateur in Unity. Not only do we have a short deadline we’ve put on ourselves to complete a project start to finish, I’ll be learning C# and Unity at the same time. Bring it on.

Over the next few days I’ll do a couple posts on our progress as we make some. That is once we put down Descent 2 (yes….Descent 2 from 1996).

Ragin Pirates! Gets an update, and free edition released!

170Arrrrg-Swaity-RED-EYESI’ve done a couple update items to my little casual game, Ragin Pirates!   I actually had planned to release these updates a week ago Friday for the Family Day long weekend parts of Canada celebrates.   Insert upper respiratory infection here.   What started as a little cold took a nasty turn and knocked me out for a week.   Most of the work was done, it just needed play testing and tweaking, I just wasn’t up to it.  Now, 5 days into antibiotics I’ve had a chance to drag myself from the covers and play test my changes enough I’m comfortable to release!

The changes are fairly minor but I’m still excited about them.   I’ve made a couple UI tweaks, nothing major but some things that make it easier to play on a smaller touch screen.   I’ve also adjusted the difficulty a very small amount.   It seems only a small percentage were actually able to finish the game.    The most exciting change is Google Play services!   There are achievements and a score leaderboard now.

Lastly I’ve released the game for free!   It’s ad-supported in the menus, but all ads are removed during gameplay.   With this game in particular you really need all the screen real estate to see the enemies.

The “premium” version is still available, and has received all the updates mentioned.   The gameplay and levels are not limited in the free version though, you get the whole game.   The only reason to buy is if you really don’t like ads – even when unobtrusive, or feel like supporting the developer and tossing me a dollar.   🙂

Get them on the play store!

Ragin Pirates!

Ragin Pirates! Free


Ragin’ Pirates! is plundering android devices everywhere!

announcepic-505x300My little casual arcade game is done! I have a game on the Play Store! It’s also on the Tizen Market, ready for the devices to launch. It was a quick development, trying to get it into a couple Tizen competitions. I don’t think it has what it takes to win, but it was a lot of fun to make. I also wanted to learn as many aspects of making a game as possible, so when my next one is ready, I’ll have learned the basics, won’t make as many mistakes, and learning as many of the hard lessons as possible. That included building the game, trying mechanics, learning about licensing for the art I used, trying to balance health, damage, level difficulty. Setting up a beta group and having active testers, and then finishing / publishing it to the store. It was quite a journey!

Now on to my next task. Marketing. Nothing will happen with my game if nobody knows about it. I’m not sure what I’ll pursue for this, but at least GameMaker’s game showcase as a start I think. This is something I need to learn, and I learn best by trying.


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Ragin Pirates! on Google Play

Ragin Pirates! on Amazon


Challenge Accepted!

eyes4I’ve been pushing hard to finish and release my little game, Ragin’ Pirates for the Tizen App Contest. I made it, released it. Its in. I wasn’t overly happy with the amount of levels I had though, ending up with half of what I had planned. I just simply ran out of time. For Tizen an update will be coming out with the remainder of the levels I had planned. That is what I’m working on now. Once I’m done the level expansion pack the android version will be prepared and released.

After developing, testing and releasing a game in less than 30 days, while also working an extremely busy full time career, I was looking forward to taking a much more relaxed approach to building the levels and preparing an android version. Maybe take a few days off from development and get a chance to finally put more than an hour into the new Legend of Zelda. Just as I was starting to unwind and feel at peace, Chris’s message came in. “Chris Clark: You and I are racing again. To an Android game release.”

What else could I say but, “Challenge Accepted.”? I guess Zelda will be there later. Sorry princess, I can’t save you yet.

Almost missed it by a whisker!

170Arrrrg-Swaity-RED-EYESI’ve been putting together a small scrolling arcade / casual game for the Tizen App Challenge called Ragin’ Pirates, which the deadline for was this evening, December 8, 2013, shortly before midnight.

I was late to the game for this contest, which opened in July. I started development mid-November. Everything was a frantic pace, and many late nights after work, but I feel the game came together really well in the end. Chris Clark, over at ginik.ca, put together a fantastic tileset that I used, Kurt Barlowe made my awesome icon and title screen. I used some assets from Reiner ‘Tiles’ Prokein at reinerstilesets.de, and David E. Gervais created the art I used in my level select screen. Thanks guys! I have lots of various people to thank for the sound effects and music, too many to list in a blog post. Thank you all. Thank you to my beta testers for the valuable input and suggestions.

The development process was likely what most would encounter. A concept that progressively matures and gets refined to the point its something half entertaining. Then scrapped and started over as something better. A few minor bugs were encountered and fixed and while it doesn’t have as many levels as I would have like to have had in it for the challenge, I do plan on releasing a level pack as an update.

Almost missed it by a whisker – Submission into the Tizen app store didn’t go 100% as expected. First two tries I was rejected! Panic! With the deadline so close I didn’t have time for anything major. It took some time to find out what was happening, turns out their icons size is 117×117 (mine was), with a 2px transparency boarder around the icon. Mine also had that boarder, with the exception of ONE half transparent pixel, from the tip of my pirate’s moustache poking into it. Resized, submitted, and 8 hours later, near the deadline for certification, I passed. Absolutely nothing wrong with anything at their end. Their seller store is actually pretty neat, I don’t have anything to compare it to yet, but I do like the layout and information provided. Anyway, I’m in! I’m excited to be a launch day indie game developer for a new platform with my cheesy little game.

Check it out here: Ragin’ Pirates!