Challenge Accepted!

eyes4I’ve been pushing hard to finish and release my little game, Ragin’ Pirates for the Tizen App Contest. I made it, released it. Its in. I wasn’t overly happy with the amount of levels I had though, ending up with half of what I had planned. I just simply ran out of time. For Tizen an update will be coming out with the remainder of the levels I had planned. That is what I’m working on now. Once I’m done the level expansion pack the android version will be prepared and released.

After developing, testing and releasing a game in less than 30 days, while also working an extremely busy full time career, I was looking forward to taking a much more relaxed approach to building the levels and preparing an android version. Maybe take a few days off from development and get a chance to finally put more than an hour into the new Legend of Zelda. Just as I was starting to unwind and feel at peace, Chris’s message came in. “Chris Clark: You and I are racing again. To an Android game release.”

What else could I say but, “Challenge Accepted.”? I guess Zelda will be there later. Sorry princess, I can’t save you yet.

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