Relive the procrastination of your youth! The classic Jezzball game updated with today’s graphics. Work to contain the balls inside your playing field. Trap them in the smallest areas you can to beat the level.

Ragin Pirates

Captain a pirate ship! Rage and rampage across a realm, leaving nothing but destruction in your wake.
Epic ship battles! Lots of enemy types! Destructible buildings! Hunt animals! Fight off boarding parties! Sail through the night with nothing but your deck lanterns.

Blog Posts

  • Adding bones to the character.
    Some sloppy bones done in Blender.
  • MaleDefaultTest
    Well, here he is, my first full voxel character. Built in Qubicle, but rendered in MagicaVoxel. He’s split up into sections so I can add bones for animation.
  • Day Four Update – IDKR
    Chris and I have been making some serious progress, but have held back posting an update video as most things were happening behind the scenes and wouldn’t have been that interesting. First big change….we have a name. IDKR. Simple, easy and means something to us, but likely nobody else. This project so far has been…
  • Progress!
    Finally have something to show on our one-week game challenge.  We have sprite animation, jumping, sound effects and music.  The level is also randomly generated, but has little variety at the moment.
  • He fell down
    For the programming challenge Chris and myself started, we are making an endless runner with mario like aspects. Because we have limited time we’ve selected Kenny’s art assets as our graphical base and have started the coding. Earlier today we had our little guy up and about. Running and jumping like he should. Chris is…