Day Four Update – IDKR

Chris and I have been making some serious progress, but have held back posting an update video as most things were happening behind the scenes and wouldn’t have been that interesting.
First big change….we have a name. IDKR. Simple, easy and means something to us, but likely nobody else.

This project so far has been an amazing experience for me. In a very short period of time Chris has been able to help me get up to speed on all the nuances of Unity, and starting to get a base handle on some C#. At the beginning I did feel somewhat overwhelmed and cautious to dive into the code and start creating things, but at this point Chris has his areas and with less and less guidance I’m able to focus on my side of the project. It’s been a blast so far.

The original goal was a 1 week project. We’re looking at a 2 week deadline to launch now. Even a basic game we just wouldn’t be able to release something decent within a week, and instead of forcing and rushing, we are going to enjoy it and do something we are proud of.

The basic premise is there is a devastatingly large bullet being fired towards your Kingdom, and you are racing to outpace it to warn your fellow citizens. Enemies slow you down, and if the bullet passes you or hits you, game over man.

Here is our latest progress video.

Unity Challenge!

577713_76015990What sort of game can a fledgling development company release within a week of development? Lets find out!

Chris and I have decided to start a small, yet fun little project together. He’s already quite proficient at Unity, while I’ve been working in Gamemaker: Studio and would consider myself very amateur in Unity. Not only do we have a short deadline we’ve put on ourselves to complete a project start to finish, I’ll be learning C# and Unity at the same time. Bring it on.

Over the next few days I’ll do a couple posts on our progress as we make some. That is once we put down Descent 2 (yes….Descent 2 from 1996).