Nexus 4

I wanted so badly to play Threes, but I don’t own any iOS devices. So I decided to build it myself! Shameless copy, but with some unique art inspired by cork-boards and the history of computer graphics.

Try your best to get the highest score. Slide the numbers around the grid, push them against a wall to combine. Ones can only combine with Twos and vice versa. Every other number can only combine with itself. Threes with Threes, Sixes with other Sixes, etc.

How high of a number can you reach? The game is over when there are no more possible moves to make. Then share the screenshot on your favourite social network, or just brag to one friend.

Compete against yourself in the local high score system, or compete against the world on the Global Leaderboard.

Earn Achievements for unlocking high numbers!

Good luck and have fun!

Android app on Google Play